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Recipe: delicious autumn iced tea

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Learn how to prepare iced tea of autumn flavors.

Who likes refreshing drinks with a twist? We thought of perfect iced tea recipe for everyone that loves herbal tea flavors. Our "Autumn taste" tea assortment contains all kinds of herbal teas - every single of them can surprise by uniqueness and rich taste. One of our favorites- "Rainy morning" tea that will charm by it freshness.


  • Ice

  • Couple slices of apple

  • "Rainy morning" tea from Autumn taste set


  1. Prepare "Rainy morning" tea from Autumn taste assortment. Let it stay for 10 minutes till it becomes cold.

  2. Put ice in the cup.

  3. Add couple slices of apple.

  4. Pour prepared tea on the ice and apples.

  5. Mix everything & enjoy refreshing drink!

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