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About Us

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Designed with love

We think that every single one of our products can find a place in everyone’s home – tea sets are the best gifts for various occasions and for surprising your loved ones, and functional teas can be an integral part of everyday life just like the mono teas. We present a huge variety of products to choose from, each client will find tea for himself or as a gift. As a relentless company, we don't stop and create new products that will melt your heart.

Flower Buds

Our story

Founded more than 140 years ago JSC Svencioniu Vaistazoles, which owns Acorus brand, is a company that always seeks new modern solutions and ideas. We have an enormous experience in our field -not also we know all about herbal remedies, and solutions, and have a gigantic knowledge base but we know how to adapt everything to contemporary and unique products.

Each of our products is perfectly and attentively designed according to the newly created formulas from our laboratory department, considered to feedback from our clients, and after making a giant analysis of what modern human needs and what’s effective.


We work in accordance with the principles of sustainable business, we create a strong environment and we feel responsible for it. Our company promotes sustainable and responsible organizational ideas and spreads positive experiences, the future of people and nature is very important to us. Our waste is biodegradable, we are using discharge techniques that do not harm the environment and humans. We think that waste begins from the beginning of manufacturing processes, so we are eliminating plastic packaging and our produced tea bags contain no metal or glue elements. This kind of improvement in manufacturing also reduces garbage emissions.




Production with experience

JSC Svencioniu Vaistazoles has a strong team of pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience. Such a big knowledge in the phytotherapy area and long years of working in creating exceptional herbal products let our company move forward with the best innovative solutions for our clients. The creation of Acorus functional products combines science, modern technology, and many years of experience. The ingredients in the teas are carefully selected by our scientists, the recipes are based on the basic rule of JSC Svencioniu Vaistazoles and Acorus brand: created from the best ingredients in the optimal amount to achieve the best possible effect.


Steps of development

Each product is created according to our refined process of development. An integral part of it all, which provides the most inspiration for creating new products is reviewing our clients’ feedback. It’s important to know what our customers like the most, and hear their ideas and wishes, we as a brand try to stay open and loyal to our clients and surprise them with new wanted products. Also, each time detailed research is done in order to provide new unexpected tea products - from flavors to the occasions for which the assortment is designed. Every step of development is accompanied by a reliable team that is professional in its specifics. New flavors are expertly developed in the laboratory until the perfect taste we've been looking for is produced, if needed, the packaging department produces new boxes to fulfill the ideas that the development team has, designers, do trend research and create new designs to fit the mood of flavors and to the occasion. After many of the steps: tests, tastings, manufacturing processes, printing – a new product is produced for you. Our main goal – is a happy client with a high-quality product.


Acorus products have earned the trust of customers and are valued for their reliable quality and safety, all of which are guaranteed by the particularly thorough screening of raw material suppliers, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality management system, a production process complying with all the EU requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and our own quality laboratory where analyses of raw materials and production are regularly carried out in order to ensure the quality and safety of products.

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