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Here at Acorus, we are all true tea lovers. Every team member is a walking encyclopedia as we each have our own favorite tea flavor, least favorite tea flavor, and know almost everything about functional herbs and their benefits. Some of us even have a tattoo of herbs, now how is that not devotion? Tea has simply become a lifestyle for us. We are proud to have a such a strong and passionate tea lover community, especially when we know how many people can not imagine a day without drinking a delicious cup of tea. Our community pushes us forward- we appreciate all of the feedback that you give us. We invite you to join our community, where you share your ideas, comments, or just happy moments with us! We promise to create new exciting flavors, interesting blog posts and special discount codes!

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Don't hesitate and give us feedback! Our customers are the ones whose opinions and comments matter the most and we are always trying to make everything better - from tea to communication. 

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Your photos and videos with our tea always put a big smile on our team's faces! It's wonderful to see beloved products in your homes, offices, and parties, and see your tea-drinking preferences or recipes.

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Your reviews will help not only helps us to understand how to improve our products, but they will definitely help future tea lovers to understand the better product that they are interested in.

"I ‘m a nurse and work nights. These teas are such a pick-up and a treat on those occasions when I have a few minutes of down time. I like to close my eyes and pick one of the many flavors. Never disappointed."

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