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New Christmas product alert!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Finish the sentence - Time till Christmas can't be imagined without... Yes, Advent calendar! This year we are presenting an amazing calendar that we have worked on the whole year. From flavors to the design - every single detail is well thought out and made with lots of love.

About the whole idea

We had lots of thoughts about the Christmas period and combined two elements that are inseparable from this festive period - it's tea and the advent calendar. So that's how the whole idea was born. We have looked at this idea as true tea lovers (FYI- you can not imagine how we love tea!) and made this product to be the most amazing addition to your Christmas countdown.

Special design

The calendar’s design is made with lots of Christmas details so it will be a beautiful decoration for your home during December. Under each tea bag are hiding little surprises to highlight the new day – cheerful wishes and Xmas illustrations. Our team has put their whole heart into little wishes and we hope that it will warm your and your family's souls.

What are the flavors?

The mooost Christmassy flavors will create a truly festive mood! This tea advent calendar is filled with flavors such as:

🍍fruit tea with pineapple and pear

🍎fruit tea with apples and cinnamon

🫐 fruit tea with forest berries

🍊fruit tea with oranges and cinnamon

❤️raspberry tea

🍓strawberry tea

🍋fruit tea with ginger and lemon

🍐fruit tea with pears and cloves.

As you see, there are 8 truly amazing flavors that really can't be described - they should be tasted immediately!

If someone starts or finishes their day with our delicious tea and little hidden wishes makes them smile - this is the best gift for us!

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