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Legend about tea origin

Let's start this Tea Encyclopedia episode with something, not really fact related. WE, tea lovers, know everything about TEA, right? But have you heard a legend about how tea was discovered!?

Well, then let’s make some tasty tea* and begin our story…

Once upon a time (around 2737 BC), a Chinese Emperor Shen Nung - who is known as Father of Chinese medicine – discovered tea drinking. On a sunny day, he requested his servants to boil some water (well, who wouldn’t fancy some hot water on an afternoon break). While Shen Nung was enjoying his peace, servants prepared a bonfire. As the water began to boil, a light breeze subtly hit a nearby tree, and a couple of leaves fell into the pot with hot water. Emperor poured himself a cup of this mixture and found this combination unusually delicious. Since then Shen Nung only drank hot water with the leaves of this wild tree.

That’s how TEA was born!


*I would highly recommend fruit tea with pears and cloves from the Flavor confetti assortment, it’s my #2 from the fruit tea category!

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